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Building Trust with your Audience Through Media Training

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Building trust with your audience through media training

It can take many years for a company to build consumer trust but it only takes one “interview gone wrong” to ruin a company's reputation for good.

How many times have you seen companies make promises they couldn’t keep? With the knowledge that many companies misrepresent themselves in the media, whether unintentionally or not, how can companies build consumer trust?

Just like in personal relationships, trust is earned over time with consistency, honesty, and open communication. The same goes for building trust with your audience. The key is not only talking the talk but also being able to walk the walk.

Media training in a nutshell

Media training helps prepare you for interviews, press releases or any other contact with the media by teaching the techniques and skills needed to succeed. These workshops give you a glimpse of what it feels like to be in the limelight by exposing you to the difficult questions that may be thrown your way while giving you the chance to practice tackling these questions on-screen. You will learn the tips and tricks to anticipating these questions and will learn the do’s and don’ts of the interview process.

Building confidence with media training

Media training gives CEOs and business owners the opportunity to build up the confidence they need to think quickly on their feet while making sure that they are representing themselves authentically. The most powerful part of media training is that trainees will get the opportunity to prepare for all the potential directions the interview may go. This will aid them in a narrative and controlling the interview. So much of performance anxiety has to do with the fear of the unknown and not trusting in our own abilities. Though we can never be fully sure of what will be thrown our way, the more we practice, the more confidence we will build.

How confidence in media training is directly related to building trust

How can we trust someone when they aren’t speaking with conviction? It’s as simple as, we trust people who are confident in the messages they are conveying. Imagine you watch an interview with a business owner who doesn’t seem comfortable on camera. They seem shy, uneasy, and unable to answer questions with certainty. Now, picture a second interview with a different company. This time, the interviewee seems completely comfortable and secure. They are able to engage confidently with the reporter, all while holding eye contact and answering questions with ease and grace. Which company would have your trust? I think we can all agree it would be the latter. At the end of the day, if you don’t have confidence in your words, no one else will either

Tips on Building trust

1. Let the audience get a good sense of who you are as a company and your values. Make sure your comments are focused on what your audience cares about. Focus on how the company you are representing can help them or serve their needs.

2. Speak in headlines, not in fine print. It's easier for your audience to connect with your ideas when they're crystal clear. Too much detail can overwhelm the big picture.

3. Be authentic. Allow yourself to be seen as a human. Your disposition should be appropriate to the situation. You would speak about a crisis very differently than you would about a strong earnings report. An overly scripted delivery doesn't promote trust. . Your audience is more likely to connect with you if they feel you are sincere. The more audiences can relate to you, the easier it will be for them to let down their guard and trust that you're genuine.

4. Trust is built over time and depends on truth, facts, and transparency. An important part of the interview process is extensive preparation that includes your big ideas as well as facts as supporting points to back up your statements. Once that's prepared, practicing delivery is crucial to strong interview performance. Remember, practice leads to confidence and confidence leads to consumer trust.

What is the audience looking for in an interview?


  • What does your reputation look like? Would you be considered a credible source of information for journalists? Have your actions lined up with your words every time? Credibility is key.


  • Are you proving that you have performed consistently well over time? Has your information always been accurate?;


  • Are you being straightforward and honest? Are your comments aligned with the corporate values? Can you demonstrate your company will always hero it's word?


Bulletproof is a communications agency that provides media training services and effective communications strategies to help individuals and organizations achieve their objectives. The team consists of strategists, trainers, and journalists who understand the media, and the importance of public relations and communications to achieve desired goals.

Bulletproof media training is led by Tara McCarthy who has over 20 years of experience in building reputations and is an expert in strategic communications, public relations, and media training. The Bulletproof team of veteran strategists and trainers can teach you or your corporate team's effective strategies to gain more confidence when interacting with the media.

Bulletproof is an agency specializing in media training in English and French. Free consultations are available by filling out the contact form at


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