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We give you the skills necessary for bulletproof communications – in good times and bad.

We're helping clients lead their companies through the COVID-19 crisis with effective communications strategies and training for leaders.

Our straightforward, proprietary techniques help you gain control of the message, build reputation and achieve results.

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Media Training for Leaders

Ever wonder how some are able to give an interview that results in a story that looks like the interviewee wrote it him or herself? It’s the ability to control the narrative with a compelling story and clearly defined messaging. Media training can get you there.

There are many ways to answer, but only one right way and we’ll show you how. Never waste another opportunity to persuade and achieve positive results. Choose from a variety of media training options including group seminars and one-on-one sessions customized to client needs – from basic to advanced. Ideal for leaders, spokespeople and subject matter experts.

Media Training for leaders
Online Presentation Training

Presentation Training

We use the principles of media training to help you have more effective discussions with teams, clients, partners and stakeholders. Focus your message, improve delivery and get better results out of every interaction.

Communications Strategy

To manage perceptions in a way that supports your business, you need a game plan.


Communications strategy planning is a collaborative process that examines current and future business conditions and develops a strategic narrative that works today and sets you up for success tomorrow.


Understand your audience and how to break through, positively. These sessions are done in collaboration with leaders and can be paired with group presentation training sessions to ensure consistent communications company-wide.

Media Training in Toronto



Videos are the most popular form of online communication. Humanize your news, amplify your story, and drive positive momentum. We collaborate with you to determine the message and our production team delivers a professional, shareable video, fast. Same day turnaround available.

The Team

We’re a team of expert communications strategists, trainers, and journalists, led by Tara McCarthy a well-known, veteran media trainer and PR pro. Our simplified training approach makes the process easier. Over twenty years, we’ve worked with CEOs, celebrities, paid spokespeople and executives to focus their message, control the narrative and help achieve business objectives



We’ve helped clients build reputation, achieve business results and manage issues for more than 20 years. As confidential strategic counselors we work behind the scenes to help solve business challenges with powerful communications strategies and effective media training techniques.

We’ve guided entrepreneurs, tech start-ups, financial firms, charities, consumer brand giants, and everything in between. Here is just a small sample of clients we've worked with over the years:


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