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How To Create A Buzz About Your Company With Corporate Media Training

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

How to create a buzz about your company with corporate media training
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Creating a buzz about your company with corporate media training

For more than a decade, media presence has been crucial in setting yourself or your company apart from the rest. Having proper media interactions and social media activity using strategic communications skills differentiates being a good company and a great one. Being able to do a media interview and present your company in the most compelling manner is sure to create a buzz about your company. Nowadays, getting key stakeholders to start talking about you ensures that they will share and post on social media, creating even more of a buzz. Getting interviewed and projecting your image to the right journalists and media services increases your visibility, builds your brand, and sets you apart from competitors.

This will guarantee that you portray your company in the best possible light by remaining calm, cool and collected. Your confidence and charm on camera will draw even more potential clients to you.

The law of attraction states that your external reality is created by your internal reality. Anyone can fake “confidence” on camera but if internally you feel nervous, unprepared and uncomfortable, others will see through it, whether consciously or unconsciously. If you truly feel confident, that will shine through. Confidence promotes consumer trust, and likeability which gives you a better chance of going viral.

What is corporate media training?

Corporate media training is specifically designed to help you maximize your media presence. This is a media training program designed specifically for top executives who will have direct interactions with the media. As senior executives, you will develop the ability to communicate your key messages and ideas with control and consistency while helping you foster confidence with practice and repetition. You will learn how to deliver your key messaging, how to talk in soundbites and how to take control of the interview. By being able to have practice interviews on-camera, you can watch yourself back and make the necessary changes in preparation for tough interviews. Learning all the tips, tricks and techniques are essential to foster the confidence needed to make your company a success.

How to create a buzz about your company with corporate media training
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What will you gain from a corporate media training workshop?

A corporate media training workshop will prepare CEO's and business owners for media engagements. You will learn the importance of public relations, media relations and using the right communications strategy, which will guarantee a smooth interview. You will learn to focus your attention on media training tips and strategies, which will help you master your communication skills. Getting honest and unbiased feedback from top instructors will help you correct errors, build your confidence and build trusting relationships with both your team and your clients. When it comes down to it, your popularity is directly related to your likeability. Building honest and trusting relationships with not only prospective clients but also with team members will ensure that you burn no bridges.

How to create a buzz about your company with corporate media training
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How media interviews can help create a buzz

  1. You get the chance to share your WHY with the public. Sharing your passion and purpose allows others to get to know you and understand why you created your company. Vulnerability and authenticity in your media interview will allow others to connect and relate to you, which will help create a buzz.

  2. Gives you an opportunity to be completely transparent. People want to do business with honest organizations. No one wants to do business with a company that seems "scripted" or seemingly perfect because it feels inauthentic. Being honest about your downfalls and how you plan to right your past mistakes demonstrates that you are human, which will build trust. Consumer trust leads to loyal customers who will promote you, building your reputation.

  3. This interview enables you to release top-secret information. Maybe you're hosting an event that has yet to be released to the public or maybe you're launching a new product or a sale. Sharing a secret with your audience builds mystery and suspense. Promoting your big announcement days leading up to your interview will get people talking about what is to come.

  4. Gives you the space and freedom to deliver your key messaging. Preparing for your interview will force you to ask yourself what messages you want to send to the public and how you plan on communicating those messages. You can use all the media relations skills to speak to your audience about what sets you apart from other companies in the same industry. With the help of corporate media training, you will learn how to deliver those messages with clarity & confidence.

How to create a buzz about your company with corporate media training
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About Bulletproof Media Training

Bulletproof is a communications agency that provides media training services and effective communications strategies to help spokespeople and organizations achieve their goals. Our team consists of strategists, trainers, and journalists who understand the media, and the importance of public relations and communications to obtain desired objectives.

Bulletproof is led by Tara McCarthy, a PR and media training professional who has over 20 years of experience in building reputations. She is an expert in strategic communications, public relations, and media training who has worked with some of the most well-known corporations and brands. The Bulletproof team of veteran strategists and trainers are carefully curated to meet the needs of trainees.

If you or your company need media training assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Bulletproof, where services are available in English and French.

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