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Top public Speaking Courses for Corporate Professionals in Toronto

Updated: Apr 5

It can be challenging to stand up in front of a room of your colleagues to make a presentation, especially when your nerves take over. You practice what you’re going to say over and over, but the moment you stand up to see all your co-workers staring at you, you draw a blank. Maybe you stumble on your words, talk too fast or start to ramble, leaving your peers confused. The goal when public speaking is to convey a message to your audience so that everyone is on the same page. There are five components of public speaking; the communicator, the message, the medium, the audience and the effect. When a communicator lacks public speaking skills, the message can be misconstrued and it will not have the intended effect on the audience. How can we make sure we are better prepared? Taking a public speaking course.

What is public speaking and why is it an important skill in the workplace?

Public speaking is the act of giving a speech or presentation to a live audience to inform or persuade. In the workplace, even if we are not giving a presentation, talking to a co-worker or an employer or engaging in internal corporate communications can still cause stress and anxiety. Working on your public speaking skills in the workplace allows you to polish your communication and leadership skills, leading to a more cohesive work environment.

What you will learn in public speaking training

Public speaking training will teach you how to communicate your ideas using verbal, written and visual techniques. You will learn the importance of body language, voice projection and selling your ideas without lecturing as well as how to structure a speech or presentation effectively. Public speaking training helps us to advocate for causes and develop our persuasive abilities while keeping the audience interested and engaged. You can learn to calmly take an opposing view to your colleagues, to present your ideas in an organized manner and to defend your views to others. It is important to remember that by learning to communicate your ideas more effectively and with confidence, you are fostering confidence both in and

out of the workplace. Overall, you will learn the importance of these 5 public speaking tips:

  1. Planning

  2. Preparation

  3. Consistency

  4. Practice

  5. Performance

Learning and practicing these skills will empower trainees to take their new communications skills into the workplace with full confidence in themselves. These skills will translate to the outside world as well, helping you to be a better communicator in your day-to-day life.

Public speaking courses Toronto

You must do your research to find a course that works for you and your individual needs. What works for one person or company may not work for another. Here are the top three public speaking courses in Toronto to improve workplace communications:

These are some of the top public speaking courses for professionals in Toronto. They will help you to overcome the fear of failure and lack of confidence when delivering a message. Online courses are convenient, allow you to learn at home and set you on the path to enhancing your presentation skills. They are a great first step to getting you comfortable in front of an audience. To take communication skills to the next level, professionals may consider media training. Media training helps individuals be more strategic, clear and concise in their messaging and improves the ability to respond to questions, even challenging ones, in a way that allows you to keep in control of the narrative. An invaluable skill in business and in life.

Media communications training in Toronto

Media communications training will help you master media interviews to inform and influence the public using proven successful techniques. Bulletproof Media Training is a company that will allow you to learn locally from some of the top communications strategists and trainers in the media industry. Navigating the media and communications field can be a challenge. Media communications training allows you to learn about the various forms of media and how they can be used to communicate a variety of messages to achieve your strategic objectives. Learning about media and communications helps you prepare because you’re working with people who have long-term careers in media and public relations. They have deep knowledge of the industry and the players within it and can give you the inside edge needed to improve performance.

Public Relations Canada

Media training is part of the practice of public relations or PR. PR is used to shape an organization or individual's public image. Perhaps the most important aspect of this is having an effective communications strategy and positioning that can be positively promoted in a consistent fashion. The Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) is a professional association for PR professionals and it recognizes best-in-class PR work each year. CPRS works to advance the professional stature of public relations and regulates its practice for the benefit and protection of the public interest.

Bulletproof Media Training is led by Tara McCarthy, winner of numerous CPRS awards, and a well-known PR pro and media trainer with over 20 years of experience. Bulletproof is a communications agency that teaches CEOs, business owners and spokespeople how communications strategies to effectively engage with the media.

The agency’s team of strategists, trainers and journalists provide media training services to help individuals and organizations achieve their desired goals. With deep knowledge of how media works, decades experience in public relations for world leading brands and blue chip companies. This helps us provide you with the necessary skills needed to succeed.

The Bulletproof Media Training team of experienced strategists and trainers will teach you and your team effective techniques for gaining confidence and improving media interview performance, results and reputation.

Bulletproof Media Training is an agency specializing in media training in English and French. Video conference media training is available on demand, 24/7. Free consultations are available by filling out the contact form at

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