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How CEO’s Can Boost Their Reputation With Executive Media Training

media training for CEO's and executives

Why do executives often struggle with media interviews?

CEOs are notoriously great communicators; it's one of the main reasons they have landed their job as senior executives. Unfortunately, the gift of being a good communicator is both a blessing and a curse when it comes to media interviews. CEOs are often overconfident when they have great communication skills and a lot of experience in public speaking in front of employees. This means that they may not be aware that they need media training tips. A big misconception is that those who are confident in public speaking will magically ace their on-camera interviews. The reality is, although you may be comfortable and self-assured when you're standing in front of a room of employees and colleagues, a tough question on camera can back you into a corner, making it very easy to bomb the media interview. As we know, one interview gone wrong can lead to bad publicity and serious reputational damage to the company. That's why executive media training is crucial in building an admirable reputation.

What can senior executives expect to learn?

Media training is designed to help prepare spokespeople for interacting with the media. Executive media training is a more specialized type of media training that deals solely with executives and CEOs. Trainers are experts in strategic positioning and can help executives address challenging topics in the best way possible. In a media training session, executives can expect to learn the dos and don'ts of media interviews. They will learn how to prepare for tough questions by teaching them to expect the unexpected. They will learn how to look comfortable on camera by teaching them the importance of proper eye contact, facial expressions, and gestures. The executive media training program will help spokespeople develop the most effective key messages and will teach them how to speak in sound bites. The media trainer will highlight the importance of active listening to sound natural while teaching trainees how to avoid controversial language and topics. Training for executives ensures that the media interaction goes smoothly, relieves stress and pressure associated with media appearances and helps CEOs build their positive reputation.

How does media training help prepare you for your media interview?

Media training for executives

An essential part of CEO media training is interview practice, specifically on camera. As soon as the camera comes out, it's common for corporate executive spokespeople to feel as though they’re being put on the spot. This can present as nervousness or discomfort in the spotlight which can reduce credibility. They may not know where to look or their posture may look rigid and unnatural. Practicing for the upcoming interview in front of the media relations team gives interviewees the chance to experience a media interview without risk. Media trainers will ask probing questions all while filming the mock interview. Not only will senior executives get to watch themselves to self-critique and to correct mistakes, but instructors will also provide very honest and neutral feedback. The public can be brutal, tearing a spokesperson apart if their interview is anything less than perfect. CEO media training is led by very senior trainers who have extensive experience working with executives and can give objective, candid and tough feedback. Also, most companies and organizations have their own jargon, acronyms, and language that they use to communicate with each other. Having an outsider's perspective will help CEOs deliver their key messages in layman's terms so that they are more easily understood by the public.

How can CEO's build an admirable reputation with executive media training?

1. Executive media training will train CEO's on how to handle a media crisis using crisis communications techniques

A company that is not familiar with crisis management techniques may not know how to handle a crisis with the public, which usually has serious consequences. On the flip side, a company that fails to speak out right away and handles the situation incorrectly risks being "cancelled" by the public.

2. Media training for executives fosters confidence

Confidence is an extremely attractive quality. Confidence creates an aura that draws people in. If an executive is confident in their media interview, viewers will pick up on it, giving them a great impression. As consumers, seeing the conviction of an executive and their company builds credibility and trust in their leadership and their company, which leads to a commendable reputation

3. Media training helps build relationships

There is so much value in building both media relationships and relationships with the public. Media training can help you identify what the news media is looking for in you and your company, and how to build relationships with reporters, journalists and producers. You can also learn how to build a relationship with the public by making yourself relatable, and being authentic, honest and engaging.

As one of the most highly experienced media training firms, your success is Bulletproof Media Training’s top priority.

Media Training Strategy

About Bulletproof

Bulletproof is an agency specializing in effective communications strategies, media training, and presentation skills training. The team consists of strategists, trainers, and journalists who are highly skilled in training spokespeople in how to interact with the media. With a proven track record, earned over two decades working with blue-chip companies, the Bulletproof team understands the importance of public relations, media relations, and strategic communications in achieving communication and business objectives.

Bulletproof media training is led by Tara McCarthy, a well-known PR and media training professional who has guided communications strategy for some of the world's most prominent corporations and brands. She is a multi-award winner and the creator of numerous high-profile reputation-building strategies that have become global best practices. The Bulletproof team of master strategists and trainers will teach you or your company representatives how to present successfully to advance your media objectives.

Bulletproof Media Training offers media training in both English and French, on-demand, 24/7 via video conference and in person. Free consultations are available by filling out the contact form at

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