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Are you ahead of the newest trends in Media Training?

Updated: May 17

If you are frequently in the public eye, answering tough questions and doing media interviews, it is easy to become comfortable and set in your ways while in the spotlight. This is where we ask: are you aware and ahead of the newest trends in Media Training? Even the most experienced professionals need media training tips to keep up to date with the ever-changing trends. Media training helps with public speaking, body language, eye contact and delivering key messages in a manner which is well received by the public, however this can be easily forgotten about and overlooked by those experienced in their roles. Below we will look at the newest trends within media training to keep you up to date.

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Control the Media Interview

With technology constantly evolving and becoming more advanced, mass amounts of information is provided to consumers at all times. This is why learning to control the interview is extremely important and only comes naturally to those who have partaken in professional media training. In a world where there are numerous news outlets such as television, various social media platforms and print articles, learning the art of taking control of your narrative is extremely important to ensure that you have positive media coverage. It is important to remember that in the age of 'fake news', you must be prepared with media training to take control of your narrative. As we continue through 2022 and into 2023, you will see more people in the public eye partaking in media training to know how to properly reframe their main messages during interviews, while answering difficult questions in a way which the public understands and responds well to.

Eye Contact in Media Interviews

A timeless classic, learning how to master the art of good eye contact is imperative when doing any sort of media interview. Something that few are good at and we will be seeing more of in 2023, eye contact is extremely important for numerous reasons; it is imperative for positive media coverage, positive public relations and can help deliver your key message to the public.

When you are being interviewed, it is important that you make great eye contact with your interviewer and vice versa, as strong eye contact can non-verbally portray feelings of confidence and trust and both your interviewer and audience will be more receptive to the messages you are delivering. Although maintaining strong eye contact does not come naturally for everyone, it is an extremely crucial part of an executive or celebrity's job and can make a bad situation worse if not utilized properly. It is encouraged to enroll yourself in media training if this does not come naturally to you, so that you will be coached and given tips on how to work on this skill set so that you will be prepared for your next interview, or the next time you will be on the national news.

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If you find yourself taking part in a radio show versus a television interview and think that eye contact will not be important, think again. Eye contact with the reporter is so important as it creates feelings of trust and openness, and this will allow both yourself and the reporter to have a natural flow of conversation. Whether you know it or not, it also allows both you and the reporter to become comfortable with one another should there be additional questions, while also eluding both confidence and authority. This will be evident to your listeners.

Incorporate More Videos into Your Communications Strategy

Although becoming increasingly popular, as we head into 2023 we will see more and more videos circulating social media, websites and beyond. Short videos such as Instagram reels have been extremely successful by many celebrities and brands, however it is important that the person and/or people who will be in the videos know how to act when being filmed. Ideally, the individuals who will be in the video will be well versed and comfortable in the public eye. However, this is not always the case, or perhaps the experienced individuals need some practice to brush up their skills. Regardless, this is why media training is crucial.

If you are creating videos for your brand or a business, there are many important things that you must keep in mind while filming. Things such as having the ability to communicate key points clearly and accurately, knowing how and when body language is helping or hindering the key messages and being aware of facial expressions are just a few reasons why it is important that the people partaking in the videos enroll in media training. Media training specifically for videos will become increasingly popular as more and more consumers will be turning to videos to receive information.

If you don't already have live videos in your communications strategy, this will be the number one thing you will want to include as they will only become more popular in 2023. Live videos on social media are hard work; there are no room for mistakes, there is the ability for users to comment live and it is easy to get distracted from the purpose of the live video. If you are doing live videos, it is important that you have a reputable pr team that is ready in case the video goes wrong or if there is messaging that needs to be cleared up post live. For those who will be starting or increasing the amount of live videos, ensure that everyone involved is taking part in media training, as the more media training tips they can receive the better.

Tip: If you are going to be creating videos (either live or recorded), make sure to incorporate the hit record that is popular at the time in your video, as this will increase both your viewings (exposure) and ratings.

Overall, staying ahead of the newest trends in media training is important if you are looking to be successful in the industry. Contact us today if you are looking to enroll in media training to stay ahead of the trends.

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