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3 Principles of Communication That Corporate Professionals Need To Know

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

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Whether you're addressing stakeholders, a client, or peers in your professional realm, corporate professionals must understand these 3 key presenting and public speaking principles. Mastering these skills will lead to your ultimate speaking success.

BeBulletproof gives corporate professionals coaching sessions to elevate and perfect their speaking skills. Our speaking coaching program and media training helps teams not only establish themselves as leaders in their industry—we ensure that our clients (such as managing director, senior executives, business professionals, and more) feel confident as leaders in their industry. Our success starts with your success.

Be Clear

Engaging your audience starts with ensuring they know exactly what's going on.

Your ideas and story deserve to be heard in exactly the manner you intend them to. In order to have your audience understand the message that you are trying to convey to them, you must focus that message and deliver it with clarity. This is the foundation of all speaker coaching.

It is easy to get lost in your story. This is why our media training and speaking training team have devised unique skills building sessions in our program that lead you to clarity success. In our sessions, we coach you to have a plan, develop outline, and know it well. This way, no matter the obstacle, you're always prepared and never deviate from your story.

Clarity also means being intentional with your communications. Having the ability to use accurate and precise language to convey your message is one of our main pillars when coaching professionals in business and media. Boost your language skills, or develop the vocabulary that is used in your business or industry at a national level, and you will create a complete and clear story.

This skill will help you run meetings and navigate the media easily. Our coaching can get you there.

Be Concise

Don't get lost in your words! Connect with your audience using precise language and messaging that supports your overall point.

However, this doesn't mean that you have to lose your energy or unique voice.

Cut out the fluff. This process may seem difficult, often because this process includes "killing your darlings" as writers say, but it ultimately makes your speech and presentation all the more stronger.

Anther killing of conciseness is oral presentation bad habits such as stumbling into "filler words". This includes words such as "um," "like," "uh," and more. Not only do these things distract from your overall message, it also demonstrates your lack of speaking skills, lack of confidence in your topic, and lowers your public viewing as an industry leader. Your coach at BeBulletproof can support you in learning how to focus your presentations and mind and avoid this public speaking nightmare.

Getting caught up in too much language, too many explanations, too many metaphors, etc. often just leads to confusion or miscommunication. Give your audience what they need to know right off the bat and support that thesis with research, findings, and points that matter. Participants watching your speech, presentation, or speaking engagement will thank you for this type of clarity and conciseness.

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Be Consistent

Be the professional you know you are. Deliver the best presentation, speaking engagement, or public speech every single time without even having to think about it.

Consistency is all about reminding your audience full of stakeholders, partners, and clients all about your key messages. Never hesitate to repeat these key messages. In fact, we encourage that you do. Audiences often phase in and out of presentations, especially if it covers a topic that is foreign to them, so it can be difficult to catch onto your exact point. Repeating what you say and staying consistent in that message helps them to absorb exactly what you're saying.

Another thing that speaking training helps to establish in professionals is the positive habit of consistent communication. Following up with people and making sure you communicate with them regularly about your message leads to success in message delivery. A person may hear you speak once, have positive feedback on the experience, and have intentions to follow up with you, but life has a way of providing distractions and making people busy. Our team suggests to connect with your audience regularly in whatever way you can. This may look like a schedule of communications so that you can discuss feedback and updates, email communications, phone calls, meetings, and more.

If you're uncomfortable with this type of consistency, our public relations training helps you prepare the skills you need to be engaging in this way. Your business, organizations, and client rention relies on you being present in this way. Create a consistent relationship, stay involved and present, and watch your reputation as a communications leadership and public speaking pro flourish. And it's all due to media training and speaker coaching from our trusted team at BeBulletproof.

Whatever your public speaking and public relations goals, professional speaking coaching sessions and media training from BeBulletproof can get you there.

Get the news media, presentations, and speaking coaching training you need from our speaker coaching program run by our professional speaker's team.

It is imperative that corporate professionals have the ability to communicate correctly. You don't want to be in a situation where you're delivering a presentation and all of your previous public relations or public speaking bad habits show up and sabotage both your reputation and speeches.

Instead, learn how to address the world adequately so you're prepared for any situation. Speak with confidence knowing that We can help you do that as BeBulletproof professional speakers and media training helps professionals build a positive reputation with effective communications strategies and training for leaders. We give you the feedback you need to execute perfect communication at a corporate level, elevate your teams, and take your leadership to the next level.

yOur team helps corporate professionals become the professional speakers they've always dreamed of being.

Get on-demand, 24/7 media training in-person or via video conference. Contact us today to get started.

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