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Six Tips for Speaking Confidently in Public

Updated: Jan 8

It is estimated that around 75 percent of adults have a fear of public speaking. As stress hormones are released, we start behaving differently, our minds going blank, visibly shaking, becoming harder to control the voice, and so much more. Whatever might be your reason to dread public speaking, you can leverage the guidance of professional media communications training classes to ace your public speaking skills.

Even professional speakers might sometimes feel the pressure. Still, they leverage specialized techniques to deal with the same. With the help of public relations training in Toronto, you can make the most of your platform to deliver speeches confidently.

Here are six tips to help you speak confidently in public:

1. Prepare and Organize

When you take professional media communications training classes, you will be taught to prepare and organize for the presentation. It helps in improving your control over your speech and presentation. Some of the instances can be:

  • Visiting the venue and presentation room beforehand

  • Practicing your remarks

  • Prevent "ums" by taking a breath instead

  • Creating cards to be used as cues

  • Arriving early for your speech

2. Ensure Positive Mental Imagery

Visualize delivering your speech confidently and successfully as it will help in reinforcing your overall confidence. You can imagine being there and leverage all your senses to develop the imagery. If you realize that your visualizations tend to be negative, then you can go ahead towards challenging these scenarios as you draw on previous experiences of flawless communication. Replace negative imagery with highly realistic imagery.

3. Understand Your Audience

A reliable public relations training in Toronto will highlight the importance of understanding your audience and its intent before addressing publicly. Preparation will always equal confidence. The way in which you present your speech, to a greater extent, should be determined by the target audience. Before you outline your speech, you should ask yourself what your target audience would like to hear.

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4. Keep the Speech Simple

You are not required to impress the audience with the sentence structure. You are expected to keep them engaged with quick stories and short phrases. Audiences will always have limited attention spans. Your speech should cater to their expectations. Show some personality and try to be approachable and engaging. This is a great way to win over your audience.

5. Leverage Positive Body Language

Good posture and a friendly smile will work wonders to keep your audience engaged. Also, instead of remaining stationary or standing behind the podium still, ensure movement while speaking. As you walk around and make use of hand gestures will not help in creating energy to hold the attention of the audience, but it will also make you appear more passionate about the topic.

Remember, it is crucial to accept that you will be nervous while presenting and that it’s okay to fumble. What’s more important is moving to the next point and believing in yourself.

Get help from Bulletproof Media Training's professional media communications training classes or courses to ace your public speaking skills as you deliver presentations confidently. We offer 24/7 virtual on-demand media training as well as in-person training in Toronto. Contact us for more details.

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