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Get Over Your Fear Of Public Speaking With Our Coaching Program

Updated: 6 days ago

speaker coaching program in session
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It is very seldom to come across an individual that doesn't have some kind of bad memory attached to public speaking. Whether it was blanking on a speech in front of your class as a kid or screwing up a presentation in front of all your co-workers, one bad event can invoke fear and a complete aversion to public speaking. It can be very challenging to shake off that speech anxiety once you've had such a traumatizing experience. This is where a speaker coaching program comes in because it can help you feel confident with your speaking skills while teaching you to communicate effectively.

How communications skills can help build your confidence as a public speaker

You know those people who walk into a room and seem to be able to talk to anyone with ease? Those people who radiate charisma and can communicate with people, seemingly confident and unphased? Those types of people are hard to come by. The average Joe blow has some type of hesitation when communicating with an audience.

When someone doesn't have the communications skills, it doesn't matter how smart, talented or accomplished they might be. CEOs, business owners and professionals need to have people skills, presentation skills and confidence to succeed. A speaker coaching program will bring it back to basics. You will learn how to carry yourself in front of an audience while learning how to kick bad habits such as speaking too fast, not being able to hold eye contact and talking too quietly or too loudly.

Coaching sessions will allow you to observe professional speakers present and watch how they give effective presentations. You will be able to look out for body language, audience engagement and most importantly, how the confidence of the presenter emanates through their presentation. The first step is to observe. Next, you will learn all the powerful techniques and skills needed to control anxiety allowing you to focus on what messages you want to convey.

Once you have been trained, you will take all the tools you have learned and put them into practice. You might choose to practice the art of impromptu speaking with friends, co-workers or family. Taking all the skills you have learned and applying them while you practice is the key to growing your confidence. As you get more comfortable speaking, your confidence will automatically flourish.

What you will learn in a speaker coaching program

Public speaking courses teach you how to plan and deliver your presentations with ease while managing one of the most common public speaking barriers- fear. Speaking abilities are generally hindered by fear and so by dealing with the fear and using the "mind over matter" technique, you can learn to take control of your fear. The key to excelling is to learn how to foster and radiate confidence when you speak to an audience.

What's the most effective way of doing that? Being thrown into uncomfortable situations and lots of practice. After all, it's the situations that force you to get out of your comfort zone that promote the most growth and change. In a speaker coaching program, you will learn the proper communication skills needed to deliver a good speech to a live audience.

Learning how to create and deliver compelling presentations is a big focus in a training course. You will learn how to transform your amazing ideas into a short speech or a compelling presentation that will persuade and move your audience. You will learn what it means to be a good speaker by speaking in front of your instructor and receiving constructive criticism on how you can improve. By the end of the training, you will be so well prepared that you could be ready to speak in front of tens of thousands of people.

Three virtual speaker coaching programs to help improve your public speaking skills and your communication skills

Nowadays, everything is virtual. With our busy schedules and work commitments, it can be hard to commit to in-person courses. Here are three affordable, virtual courses that will help you get over your fear of public speaking.

  • A very short 47-minute course for those who don't have a lot of free time in their schedule

  • A course to help you become a persuasive speaker in any environment

  • If you're looking for an in-depth certification course, this will teach you all there is to know about giving engaging speeches

About Bulletproof Media Training

Bulletproof Media training is a communications agency that helps individuals, CEOs and spokespeople to build their confidence when communicating with the media. Our team of expert strategists and trainers will teach you and your team effective communications strategies for improving media interview performance.

Bulletproof Media Training is led by Tara McCarthy, winner of numerous CPRS awards, and a well-known PR pro and media trainer with over 20 years of experience. She has built a reputation for herself as an expert in strategist communications, public relations and media training.

As a company, we have deep knowledge of how the media works and decades of experience in public relations for world-leading brands and blue-chip companies. This helps us provide you with the necessary skills needed to succeed.

Bulletproof Media Training is an agency specializing in media training in English and French. Video conference media training is available on-demand, 24/7. Free consultations are available by filling out the contact form at

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